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Bounce Back Better: 10 (+1) Key Steps for Building Resilience is for those who are seeking to use obstacles or misfortunes to propel them along a path of forward, positive actions.


This book is for you if you are going through a difficult life transition or have experienced:

—       the loss of a loved one,

—       being fired or laid off,

—       a bad medical diagnosis or physical injury,

—       a relationship breakup, and/or

—       failure at an examination or business venture.


Simple, familiar principles come together to create a powerful systematic approach to building resilience, making Bounce Back Better unique, practical, and worthwhile.


The key steps are identified and illustrated by vivid accounts of the misfortunes undergone by Caron Asgarali. Advice is offered on how to develop the necessary discipline for coping with overwhelming difficulties, how to manage a scientific approach to eating for good health, how to build character and integrity and how to identify with God or the Supreme Force of the Universe.


“ . . . I cannot honestly admit that I have read a book more comprehensive than and relevant to the times as Bounce Back Better: 10 (+ 1) Key Steps for Building Resilience”

(Raymond S. Hackett, educator and educational consultant).